Addison's wishlist ❤️
An american made shitcastle
Its for @luxatrix and I. I saw people posting about these shitcastles on twitter and they're whatever. Be the hero and get me the shitcastle
At least $10,000,000
Cartier Yellow Gold Pasha de Cartier Skeletonised Tourbillon Automatic Watch
Omg its so cute it goes with one of the thongs I have... I'll make ya a video <3

Vintage Rolex Day Date President 1803 Tiffany & Co. Dial 18 Karat Rose Gold
Its cute and its bigger than hoe size but w/e

30 ETH for a cute thing I saw on the web3
Just send to 0x1eaC46ddB4c9e563430B4b159153522EdA69b1B8 ❤️
30 ETH