We out here baby we out here!

EXPENSIVEHOE is the messy convergence of technology and sex.

We specialize in nerd stuff, creating digital things like our video distribution and monetization platform called NAILPOLISH and our video streaming site called THOTTEN.

NAILPOLISH we built from the ground up as a solution for creating custom streaming video websites and complete streaming video platforms with an emphasis on customization and small details.

NAILPOLISH uses our in house made V-Cart and V-Checkout for dealing with monetizatoion acting as our payment gateway. We're currently using bitcoin but support for other payment solutions can easily be built and incorporated in (depending on the client).

Everything is for sale.

Thats right bitch, everything from custom sites and your very own custom monetized video streaming platform to the whole entire NAILPOLISH platform outright (if you ever wanted to get into the streaming business).

The sky is the limit.

For all business and consulting inquiries please email

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NAILPOLISH, the platform that makes streaming platforms.

NAILPOLISH was built using Emacs first on FreeBSD and then moved over to Debian GNU/Linux. The platform itself and the sites it makes run on FreeBSD and are powered by a bunch different things including Racket, AngularJS, Ruby, Boost, ImageMagick, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Dart, Sass, etc